Extra-long loading ramps, a wide work deck, and 100-ton carrying capacity

Pintail has been serving the Pacific Northwest’s most remote and demanding job sites since 1948.

Pintail is a versatile platform for a wide array of operations. We pride ourselves in creative problem solving. Call us for your next project.

Services Include:

  • Heavy equipment delivery

  • Parties and special events

  • Marine salvage

  • Modular building delivery

  • Timber salvage

  • Delivery of landscaping materials

  • Corporate events

  • Diving platform

  • Transportation of vehicles too heavy for state ferries

  • Transportation of hazardous materials

  • Seawall construction and repair

  • Private ferry

  • Construction/demolition

  • Dock & pier repair/construction

  • Pollution and emergency response

  • Platform for cranes and excavators

  • Buoy replacement/repair

  • Underwater cable placement

  • Film/research crew & equipment transport

  • US Coast Guard compliant for transport of explosives/compressed gasses/flammable liquids

Operating in the Salish Sea, we haul from British Columbia to Olympia and anywhere in between!

Pintail deck and ramp dimensions